College of Energy, Environment and Sustainability’s (CEES) is an education initiative of Bridging Nations Foundation, a non-profit policy think tank, based in Washington, DC, USA. CEES provides courses that are relevant for energy, environmental, and sustainability leadership. The courses are offered as individual courses and as certificate programs. CEES uses multiple delivery methods for its courses including self-paced e-learning, instructor-led online contact classes etc. CEES is also involved into promoting energy entrepreneurship by making global resources accessible to new age eneterpreneurs.

Environmental Education is essential for a growing population faced with finite resources and serious environmental issues. CEES has thus been established with an objective of bridging the gap between the skills required for green, energy efficient, sustainable economies and the currently available resources. CEES is registered with Delaware Dept of Education, US. Under the guidance of its Founder and CEO, Dr. Prakash Ambegaonkar, CEES endeavors to give students and entrepreneurs the skills they need to succeed in a sustainable knowledge economy. Utilizing an interdisciplinary curriculum, CEES provides students the necessary education and training to focus on a career-centric approach in energy technology and solutions.


With a unique set of advisors and faculty members, CEES has develop course curriculum for the new knowledge based economy. We are working with faculty across the globe to provide state of the art education for students from different parts of the world.


CEES provides certificate Programs in the following four disciplines

  • Energy Information and Communication Technology (EICT)
  • Green Buildings, Architecture and Construction (GBAC)
  • Energy Efficiency, Audit and Management (EEAM)
  • Energy Technology, Economics and Policy (ETEP)


CEES Consulting Services is involved in providing energy solutions to clients across the globe. With this services, CEES aims to promote energy entrepreneurship by collaborating with industries, students, government bodies and NGOs across the globe. Currently we are offering following services by collaborating with some of the best in the industry

  • Solar Power Plant Feasibility Study & detailed project report
  • Technology selection for wind and solar power plants
  • Wind Power Plant Feasibility Study & detailed project report
  • Energy Audits
  • Lighting Design and Energy Efficiency
  • Energy Audit and Efficiency
  • Water Management


In order to create awareness and develop thought leadership in the filed of energy, environment and sustainability, CEES is involved in organizing seminars and workshops for various industry, academic and student participants across different disciplines. We have our own conference room facility that can accommodate an audience of 65-70 people. Some of the recent seminars that we successfully organized at CEES :-


To promote energy education and help students see the practical applications of the energy knowledge, we have partnered with various industries in the field of water management, renewable energy, energy efficieny and lighting design.